S.No. President’s Name President’s Tenure
1Colonel W.R.M. Holroyd23-02-1890 to 15-11-1891
2Dr. W.H. Rattigan16-11-1891 to 01-03-1900
3Mr. H.A.B. Rattigan02-03-1900 to 10-05-1908
4The Commissioner Lahore Division11-05-1908 to 04-12-1920
5Sardar Sir Sunder Singh Majithia05-12-1920 to 01-04-1941
6S. Kirpal Singh Majithia02-04-1941 to 25-02-1944
7S. Dalip Singh Majithia25-02-1944 to 02-07-1944
8S. Surjit Singh Majithia02-07-1944 to 28-04-1965
9S. Ujjal Singh29-04-1965 to 28-08-1970
10S. Surjit Singh Majithia29-08-1970 to 14-05-1978
11S. Gurmukh Singh Chawla15-05-1978 to 27-03-1982
12S. Parkash Singh Majitha27-03-1982 to 24-12-1984
13S. Surjit Singh Majithia24-12-1984 to 29-06-1990
14S. Parkash Singh Majitha29-06-1990 to 19-01-2001
15S. Rajmohinder Singh Majitha19-01-2001 to 29-05-2004
16S. Satyajit Singh Majithia29-05-2004 to Till Date