+2 examination of P.S.E.B or any other examination equivalent there to by the G.N.D.U with 40% marks in aggregate.

Compulsory Subjects: English, Punjabi/ Basic Punjabi

Apart from the Compulsory Subjects a student can opt for three subjects choosing from:

a) Computer Science/Physical Education                      

b) Elective Punjabi

c) Economics                                                      

d) History

e) Political Science

Course Structure
Computer Fundamental & PC Software/ Physical EducationProgramming Using C /      Physical Education
Elective Punjabi Elective Punjabi
MicroeconomicsIndian Economy
History of India upto C.1000History of India upto (C.1000–A.D. 1707)
Principles of Political ScienceModern Political Theory
Computer  Oriented Numerical & Statistical MethodsData Structure & Programming Language using C++
Elective Punjabi Elective Punjabi
MacroeconomicsInternational Economics & Public Finance
History of India (AD 1707 – 1947)History of Punjab (AD 1469 – 1799)
Indian ConstitutionIndian Political System
English (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)
Punjabi (Compulsory)/Punjab History & Culture Punjabi (Compulsory)/Punjab History & Culture
Political Science Political Science
Economics Economics
Computer Science Computer Science