+2 examination of P.S.E.B or any other examination equivalent there to by the G.N.D.U with 40% marks in aggregate.

Course Structure
English (compulsory)English (compulsory) 
Punjabi/Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi)Punjabi/Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi)
Financial AccountingAdvanced Finacial Accounting
Business Organisation  Commercial Laws
Business Statistics  Business Economics
Computer Fundamentals  Functional Management 
English (compulsory) English (compulsory)
Punjabi Compulsory/ Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi)Punjabi Compulsory/Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi)
Corporate AccountingEntreprenaurship and small Business
Corporate LawsIndustrial Laws
Financial Market OperationInsurance and Risk Management
International BusinessSeminar   
Environmental Studies – IEnvironmental Studies – II
English (compulsory) English (Compulsory)
Punjabi compulsory/ Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi) Punjabi Compulsory/ Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi)
Management Accounting Auditing
Indirect Tax Laws Direct Tax Laws
Operational Research Corporate Governance
Specialsation Course 1 Specialsation Course 1
Specialsation Course 2 Specialsation Course 2