1. The parents and the students are required to read the prospectus carefully before signing the admission form. The responsibility of having read the rules regulations will be upon the parents
  2. and the students and they will be bound by the same.
  3. Each student is issued an Identity Card which he/she must carry. No student will be allowed to enter the college without Identity Card.
  4. Student is required to show the Identity Card when he/she is asked by the security staff and teachers.
  5. Loss of Identity Card shall entail heavy penalty besides the cost of new Identity Card.
  6. Do not carry Mobile Phones in the college Strict action will be taken against the violators.
  7. No student will bring any outsider (friend or relative) to the college without the permission of Principal. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student who violates the rules.
  8. Attendance of the students in all college seminars, functions and celebrations is compulsory. Fine will be imposed on absentees.
  9. Switch off the lights and fans while leaving the classrooms.
  10. Take care of college property.
  11. Make extensive use of the library.
  12. Keep the campus clean.
  13. Be punctual and regular in their classes.
  14. Students are advice to read Notice Board daily.
  15. Be humble with the office staff, be polite to juniors and respectful to seniors.
  16. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited. Any student found drunk or smoking in the college campus will be immediately expelled.
  17. Four wheelers are not allowed to be parked in the college campus. These are to be parked outside the boundary wall of the college.
  18. In case of serious misbehavior, indiscipline, disturbance to academic atmosphere of the college, indulging in strikes/ agitation, preventing the students from attending the classes, unfair means in the examination, the Principal has right to impose heavy fine or cancel the admission and ban the entry of student into the college.
  19. Students presence in the college campus is allowed only during college hours. They are not allowed to stay in the campus without any business.
  20. Dispute if any will be subject to the jurisdiction of Amritsar Court only.