1. The students shall be required to attend the classes regularly and punctually.
  2. As per the requirement of G.N.D.U., Amritsar each student is required to attend atleast 75% lectures in theory and practical separately out of the delivered lectures.
  3. The students falling short of 75% required lectures shall not be eligible to appear in the university examination.
  4. As per the university rules, no lecture can be condoned on basis of medical ground or any other leave.
  5. The name of the students who remains absent without permission for more than aTen days shall be struck off from college rolls. Such student will be readmitted on payment admission fee.
  6. Lectures are to be counted upto the last working day before the commencement of preparaitory holidays for university examination.
  7. Parents/Students are advised to contact respective teachers to know the status of lecture after every month.
  8. Lectures shortage will be notified on the notice board from time to time. Students are advised to read the notice board